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About Commercial

  • Friendly Cash Out Policy

  • Max loan amount up to $3M

  • Available Full Doc, Lease Doc, Low Doc

  • No Annual Reviews, Max Loan Term 25 Years

Loan Purpose and Rate

Doc Full

Full 4.28% PI (LVR<=50%)

Interest Rate From 4.28% P.A.

Comparison Rate From 4.37%P.A.

Doc Lease

Lease 5.06% PI (LVR<=50%)

Interest Rate From 5.06% P.A.

Comparison Rate From 5.14%P.A.

Product Summary

Security type Doc Full & Doc Lease
Loan Amount $100,000 to $3,000,000
Maximum LVR 75%
Loan Term Up to 25 years
Borrower Type Individual, Company or Trust
Loan Purpose New purchase or Refinance
Repayment Method Direct debit from nominated bank account
Redraw Variable Rate Loans Only. Fee free for internet transaction.
Transaction fees apply for requests that are manually processed.
Interest Structure Principal & Interest and Interest Only
Doc Full (LVR<=70%) 4.95% P.A.
Doc Lease (LVR<=70%) 5.54% P.A.
Application fee 1.5% (0.5% non-refundable)
Interest Only Loading 0.30%

Document Checklist

Income Document (PAYG)

Last 2 payslips plus one of following:

Letter of employment 

Last group certificate/ PAYG Summary

Tax assessment notice Individual tax returns

Income Document (Self-Employed)

Last two years tax returns and financial statements

Last two years tax assessment notices

Loan Calculator

Genworth Calculator

Recommend serviceability pass rate NDI 1.1:1

We take 80% of existing rental income into servicing for investment property.